What is APPA ?

Simply, APPA is a platform that offers easy to use and functional features, where you can share the latest news about your product, company or services with your website visitors.

APPA is free! You can easily create an account on our website and create a custom landing page for your product and share the updates with your followers.

Wondering what your APPA profile looks like? Check out the sample from the link below.


What does APPA offer?

Custom branding: Create a design that'll brighten your company and post your changelog on your own domain. We'll always be there for you to help with setup!

Integrations: Build an integration with Twitter to keep your customers up to date on the newest product changes.

Schedule: You did your best, leave the rest to us.

Privacy: Privacy is important. Your changelog can be public or private, or just disallow search bots from crawl it.

Custom tags: Because not every product fits into a single glove, changelog categories can be completely customized.

Markdown editor: Easy image uploading and multimedia embedding and they can be all formated very clean.

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